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Environmental Policy

IWATA BOLT’s commitment to quality and environment.

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With “Customer First” in our hearts,
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Quality Policy
Environmental Policy

Our Commitment

Harmony of Environment and Industries.

We understand that protecting the environtment is one of humanity’s most important issue. Our fundamental environment philosophy is to “Preserve the environment, and always consider it within our business practices.

While we design, manufacture and outsource fastener parts for automotive, light electrical equipment, and office equipment. We conduct our environment control based on the following guidelines.

  • We fully understand the environmental aspects related to our business activities, products and service, and continuously strive to improve our environment management system in order to prevent global warning, resource depletion, and pollution.
  • We comply with all environmental laws, regulations, agreements, and customers’ requests related to our business activities, products and services.
  • The following items are key issues in our environment managemant system:
    • Appropriate control and reduction of environmental hazardous substances contained in mateiral used for production and processes.
    • Proposing to our customers to switch plating that includes lead and hexavalent chromate to environment-friendly surface treatment alternatives.
    • Waste reduction and recycling at our factory, branches, and headquarters office.
    • Energy saving on our activities and services.
  • To achieve our environment policy, we continuously set new environmental goals for our departments, employees, and related business partners to reach, and promote the goals throughout the company.
  • We nofity our environment policy to all departments and employees, and if necessary, will disclose it to the public.