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Privacy Policy

  • Regarding the collection of personal information, IWATA BOLT clarifies the purpose of use and take legal and fair measures within the scope of IWATA BOLT business in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations on personal information protection. The collected personal information will be strictly controlled and used within the specifed or published purposes.
  • IWATA BOLT does not not provid personal information to IWATA BOLT Group companies or outsourcing companies unless there is consent, legal request(s) or legitimate reason(s). In addition, when providing information to companies and business outsourcing companies, we perform necessary and appropriate management under appropriate protection and control.
  • IWATA BOLT strives to keep the personal information received with accurate and up-to-date content within the scope of the purpose of use and to protect against unauthorized access, falsification, leakage, etc. Take necessary and appropriate security management measures, including anti-computer virus measures.
  • IWATA BOLT board members and employees comply the laws and regulations concerning personal information and IWATA BOLT’s policy. In addition, we strive for appropriate protection and control.
  • IWATA BOLT promptly and appropriately responds to complaints from individuals regarding the personal information handling.
  • IWATA BOLT continually reviews and improves its personal information protection efforts.

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  • Service usage for website usage analysis

    Regarding the analysis of website usage for the purpose of utilizing cookies, we employ GoogleAnalytics, a website analysis service provided by Google. You can review the service policies and more information on the following page.

    [Google Analytics Terms of Service]

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