IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.


IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.

  • Oct 2014 Issue

    Oct 2014 Issue

    [Sigma 126]

    • 1.IWATA BOLT (THAILAND) CO., LTD. Thailand Factory New Equipment Information
    • 2.Iwata Bolt USA obtained ISO / TS16949 certification
    • 3.Understanding "Tightening Diagram" -Part 1
    • 4."VA / VE product exhibition and screw study session" held at Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
    • 5.“Excellence Quality Certificate of Appreciation” awarded from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    • 6.“Study session on screw fastening / VA exhibition” will be held at Nissan Techno Co., Ltd.
    • 7."Exhibition / Study Session" held at NISSAN MEXICANA, S, A, DE CV.
    • 8.The 18th Machine Element Technology Expo (M-Tech)
    • 9.Expantion of SermaGard furnace
    • 10.IWATA BOLT HONG KONG CO., LTD. Relocation
    • 11.The screw showroom "SOFI Center" Relocation
  • Jun 2014 Issue

    Jun 2014 Issue

    [Sigma 125]

    • 1.Iwata Bolt (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Factory opening and sales department relocation
    • 2.The 53rd Internal QC Circle(Club) Case Study Conference
    • 3.The 23rd Automotive Engineering Technology Expo 2014
    • 4."VA / VE product exhibition and screw study session" held at Honda R & D Southeast Asia
    • 5."Original product exhibition" held at Tohoku Nippatsu Co., Ltd.
    • 6."Original development product exhibition" held at Panasonic Photowriting Co., Ltd.
    • 7."Study Settion on screw fastening, and VA · VE exhibition" at Aichi factory. Tachi-S Co. Ltd.
    • 8.~ US Business Travel Report ~
    • 9.2014 new employee welcome ceremony
    • 10.Notice of temporary office relocation due to rebuilding of head quarters
  • Feb 2014 Issue

    Feb 2014 Issue

    [Sigma 124]

    • 1.Iwata Bolt's analysis method, analysis equipment and application examples
    • 2.The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013
    • 3."Exhibition and a study session on the screw manufacturing process" at OTSCON
    • 4."VA / VE product exhibition and screw study session" held at Honda R & D Asia Pacific CO., LTD.
    • 5.Iwata Bolt Tochigi Factory special process certification  and renewal certification received from
       Tokai Rika Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 6.Introduction of image dimension inspection machine
    • 7.Notice of new construction of Iwata Bolt Nagoya Branch
    • 8.New Year's Ceremony 2014
    • 9.Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry Shinagawa Branch 40th anniversary ceremony
    • 10.2014 New Year Meeting
  • Sep 2013 Issue

    Sep 2013 Issue

    [Sigma 123]

    • 1. Iwata Bolt Thailand factory opening
    • 2.Notice of PT.IWATA BOLT INDONESIA opening
    • 3.Iwata Bolt Nagoya Branch to be rebuilt and relocated
    • 4.The 22nd Automotive Engineering Technology Expo 2013
    • 5.The 17th Machine Element Technology Expo (M-Tech)
    • 6."VA / VE Product Exhibition" held at Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand)
    • 7."Screw Study Session / Exhibition" held at Isuzu Motors Limited
    • 8.“Screw Study Session / Original Development Product Exhibition” held at Furukawa AS Co., Ltd.
    • 9.“Screw study session / Exhibition” held at Sakae Rriken Corporation
    • 10."ICP-AES" equipment update / IB lab
    • 11.Materials Analyzer" installed at Ohio Factory
  • May 2013 Issue

    May 2013 Issue

    [Sigma 122]

    • 1.Development of tapping screw "ITAL" for aluminum die casting
    • 2.“Customer's design philosophy and globalization of production”
    • 3.“Study session / VA exhibition on conclusion” held at General R & D Center of Honda R & D Co., Ltd.
    • 4."VA / VE product exhibition and conclusion consultation meeting" held at Tokai Rika Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 5."Screw fastening study session and VA, VE product exhibition" held at Daihatsu Kyushu Co., Ltd.
    • 6."Study session on screw fastening and VA / VE product exhibition" held at Toyota Factory, NHK Spring Co., Ltd.
    • 7.-Introduction of 3D measuring machine -
    • 8.2013 New Year Ceremony
    • 9.2013 New Year's Meeting
    • 10. 2013 new employee welcome ceremony