IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.


IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.

  • Dec 2012 Issue

    Dec 2012 Issue

    [Sigma 121]

    • 1.Development of portable torque analyzer
    • 2.Introducing ultrasonic bolt axial force measuring instrument
    • 3.The 16th Machine Element Exhibition (M-Tech)
    • 4."Study session and VA exhibition on screw fastening" held at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    • 5."Study session and VA exhibition on screw fastening" held at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    • 6."Exhibition and presentation" held at Daito Factory, Yazaki Parts Co., Ltd.
    • 7.Notice of Iwata Bolt Kurume Branch Relocation
    • 8.Notice of Iwata Bolt Malaysia Relocation
    • 9.Notice of new construction of Iwata Bolt Fukuoka Branch
  • Jun 2012 Issue

    Jun 2012 Issue

    [Sigma 120]

    • 1.Introduction of 3D printer
    • 2."Eexhibition and study session" held at Suzuki Corporation
    • 3."Study session and VA / VE exhibition on screw fastening" held at Tokai Rika Denki Seisakusho
    • 4."Screw study session / VA / VE exhibition" held at Toyota Gosei Co., Ltd.
    • 5.Information on "VA proposal exhibition" and "Screw study session" offered by Iwata Bolt
    • 6."Excellence & Appreciation Award 2012 " awarded from Keihin Co., Ltd.
    • 7. Iwata Bolt Tochigi factory obtained "dehydrogenation process" certification from Tokai Rika Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 8.The 21st Automotive Engineering Technology Expo 2012
    • 9.Research of post-heat treatment condition of low carbon sulfur free-machining steel material
    • 10.IB Lab, R&D Department
    • 11. Iwata Bolt Fukuoka Branch groundbreaking ceremony
    • 12.2012 new employee welcome ceremony
  • Feb 2012 Issue

    Feb 2012 Issue

    [Sigma 119]

    • 1.Request for assurance of the quality management system
    • 2.Introduction of original products
    • 3.The 42nd Tokyo Motor Show
    • 4."Green Supplier" certification received from Kyocera Corporation
    • 5."Exhibition and study session" held at Stanley Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 6.New Year's Ceremony 2012
    • 7.2012 New Year's Meeting
    • 8.Inviting parents of high performance employees to the Ground Sumo Tournament (Kokugikan)
    • 9.Iwata Bolt Hong Kong Co., Ltd. Relocation
  • Oct 2011 Issue

    Oct 2011 Issue

    [Sigma 118]

    • 1.Introduction of original products
    • 2.Exhibitions held at Fuji Sheet and Hilex Corporation
    • 3.= 15th Machine Element Technology Expo 2011 =
    • 4.Sony Corporation Environmental Certification System
    • 5."Q & D Award" from AY MANUFACTURING, LTD.
    • 6.Iwata Bolt Efforts on completely chrome-free surface treatment
    • 7.Generator installed at Tochigi Factory, and now 5 of them in China Factory --- Iwata Bolt Tochigi factory
    • 8.Iwata Bolt Shonan Sagami Branch ground opening
  • Jul 2011 Issue

    Jul 2011 Issue

    [Sigma 117]

    • 1.Request for quality environmental accident prevention activities
    • 2.Introduction of 3 new original products
    • 3.QCD Award from Tachi-S's two overseas factories
    • 4."Best Performance Award" from HONDA Mexico
    • 5."Best Performance Award" from Kuroda Pneumatics
    • 6.Letter of appreciation from Imasen Electric Co., Ltd. for VA / VE activities
    • 7.The 20th Automotive Engineering Technology Expo
    • 8.Change of Certification Body: Iwata Bolt R&D, IB Lab
    • 9.2011 new employee welcome ceremony
    • 10.Groundbreaking ceremony at the new construction of "Shonan Sagami Branch"