IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.


IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.

  • May 2019 Issue

    May 2019 Issue

    [Sigma 139]

       ISO9001: 2015 and IATF16949: 2016 certified
    • 2.IWATA BOLT (THAILAND) CO., LTD. AYUTHHAYA office opened
    • 3.Received “BEST IN QUALITY” from Imasen Philippine Manufacturing Corporation
    • 4.Notice of completion of Ohio building expansion
    • 5.Notice of relocation of Ueda office
    • 6.VA / VE product exhibition and screw fastening study session held at MITSUBA VIETNAM CO. , LTD (MVC)
    • 7.VA/ VE product exhibition and screw fastening study session held at Ichikoh Industries, Ltd.
    • 8.Screw study sessions and exhibitions held at TOTO Bus Create Co., Ltd.
    • 9.The 23rd Machine Element Technology Exhibition Japan Monozukuri World 2019
      Fastening technology improving for our future Madeby IWATABOLT〜Unite with next generation technology〜
    • 10.2019 Near Year Ceremony announcement - Tensile inspection Hardness request thorough implementation
    • 11.2019 New Year's greeting party - Expansion of US Ohio Factory /Thailand Factory completed.
      Automatic Tighteing Inspection Machine implemented to all branches.More quality assurance
    • 12.2019 New Year Meeting
  • Nov 2018 Issue

    Nov 2018 Issue

    [Sigma 138]

    • 1.Completion of Thailand Factory expansion_x000D_
    • 2.Expansion of production equipment in Shenzhen Factory, China_x000D_
    • 3.IWATA BOLT USA IATF16949: 2016 certified_x000D_
    • 4.IWATA BOLT (THAILAND) CO., LTD. ISO14001: Completed transition to 2015 version_x000D_
    • 5.ISO2702 / JIS B1055 "Mechanical properties of steel tapping screws" Regarding the depth of hardened layer_x000D_
    • 6.The 22nd Machine Element Technology Exhibition Japan Manufacturing World 2018_x000D_
    • 7."Exhibition by SOFIT" was held at Topre Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 8.Original products exhibition and study session held at Morita Miyata Industry Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 9.Screw study session and exhibition held at Paramount Bed Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 10.Screw study session and exhibition held at Furukawa Unic Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 11.VA exhibition on screw fastening held at Nichicon Kameoka Co., Ltd.
  • Jul 2018 Issue

    Jul 2018 Issue

    [Sigma 137]

    • 1.Regarding the IATF16949 certification and the expansion of new equipment in the Shenzhen Factory in China_x000D_
    • 2.IWATA BOLT MEXICANA, SADE CV "ISO9001" certification_x000D_
    • 3.IWATA BOLT USA Ohio Factory ISO14001: Completed transition to 2015 version_x000D_
    • 4.Iwata Bolt Tochigi Factory ISO9001: Completed transition to 2015 version_x000D_
    • 5.Regarding Iwata Bolt Environmental Management System_x000D_
    • 6.The 27th Automotive Engineering Technology Expo “Human and Automotive Engineering Technology Expo 2018 Yokohama”_x000D_
    • 7."Exhibition by SOFIT" held at Unipres Kyushu Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 8."Exhibition by SOFIT" held at Chuohajo Industry Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 9."Study session / exhibition" held at Korg Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 10."Exhibition by SOFIT" held at Uniflow Co., Ltd._x000D_
    • 11.North America business Travel Report_x000D_
    • 12. 2018 new employee welcome ceremony: 11 new graduates and 11 mid-career employees_x000D_
    • 13.SL Bolt (Self Lock bolt) and FF Bolt (Flat Fix bolt)
  • Apr 2018 Issue

    Apr 2018 Issue

    [Sigma 136]

    • 1.Iwata Bolt Tochigi Factory received “Special Process” renewal certification from Tokai Rika Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 3.20th Kansai Machinery Element Technology Expo
      Fastening Revolution: New Technology for the future Made by IWATA BOLT
    • 4.The 45th Tokyo Motor Show 2017
      Fastening Technbology to connect the world Made by IWATA BOLT
    • 5.“Screw fastening study session / exhibition” held at Imasen Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    • 6."VA / VE product exhibition and screw study session" held at PT. YAMAHA MOTOR ELECTRONICS INDONESIA
    • 7.“VA / VE product exhibition and study session” held at Shiroki Industry Co., Ltd.
    • 8.Introducing AP Bolt
    • 9.2018 New Year's Ceremony employee presentation " Request for thorough supplier management ''
    • 10.Notice of Fukuoka office expansion completion
        Queretaro branch relocation / warehouse opening
    • 12.2018 New Year Ceremony
    • 13.2018 New Year Meeting
  • Oct 2017 Issue

    Oct 2017 Issue

    [Sigma 135]

    • 1.“Excellence Quality Certificate of Appreciation” awarded from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    • 2.“2017 Major Partner Certificate Supplier Award” awarded from Ricoh Co., Ltd.
    • 3.Iwata Bolt Tochigi Factory “Special Process” renewal certification from Tokai Rika Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 4.The 21st Machine Element Technology Exhibition (Japan Manufacturing World 2017)
    • 5."Screw fastening study session / exhibition" held at Oiles Corporation
    • 6."Study session for screws" held at Kaga Component Co., Ltd.
    • 7.Renewal of large torque axial force tester
    • 8.Implementaion of 2D image dimensional measuring machine to domestic and overseas sales branches
    • 9.Automation of heat treatment loading work
    • 10.Notice of Mexico Headquarters Relocation