IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.


IWATA BOLT Informational Magazine.

  • Jun 2016 Issue

    Jun 2016 Issue

    [Sigma 131]

    • 1.25th Automotive Technology Expo: "Human and Car Technology Exposition 2016 Yokohama"
    • 2.Held "Screw study session / exhibition" at Hioki Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 3.Sony EMCS (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. PG-Tec held
      “VA / VE Product Exhibition and Screw Fastening Study Session”
    • 4.Held
      VA / VE product exhibition and screw fastening study session at Honda R & D Southeast Asia Co. Ltd.
    • 5.Received "Quality Award" from TS Tech Co., Ltd.
    • 6.Received the "Excellence Award" from Starteng Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • 7.IWATA BOLT USA Atlanta Branch "Thank You Certificate" from Yamaha Motor
    • 8.Notice of Headquarters Relocation upon Completion of New Building
    • 8.New showroom for fasteners "New SOFI Center"
    • 9.Introduction of "IB Lab"
    • 10.Notice of new construction of Iwata Bolt Mie Branch
    • 11.Notice of Iwata Bolt Hiroshima satellite office
    • 12.New employee welcome ceremony: 7 new graduates, 5 mid-career employees
  • Feb 2016 Issue

    Feb 2016 Issue

    [Sigma 130]

    • 1.Expansion and operation of material EDI
    • 2.Regarding heat treatment of screws
    • 3.The 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015-
       ~ Fastening technology that connects our hearts Made by IWATA BOLT-~
    • 4."Exhibition by SOFIT" held at Panasonic Eco Solutions Asahi Co., Ltd.
    • 5.“Study session / exhibition” held at Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd.
    • 6."Study session / exhibition" held at Toyota Boshoku (China) Co., Ltd.
    • 7.2016 New Year Ceremony
    • 8.2016 New Year Meeting
  • Oct 2015 Issue

    Oct 2015 Issue

    [Sigma 129]

    • 1.Sermagard: Request to switch to Chrome Free
    • 2.IWATA BOLT (THAILAND) CO., LTD "ISO9001" and "ISO14001" certified.
    • 3."Excellence Quality Certificate of Appreciation" awarded from Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    • 4."Quality Improvement Award"  for Iwata Motor Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen) awarded from Guangzhou Koito Light Co., Ltd. (Japan name: Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
    • 5.19th Machine Element Technology Exhibition 2015
    • 6."Screw Exhibition, VA Study Session" held at Toshiba Home Appliances Manufacturing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
        (Japan name = Toshiba Home Appliance Co., Ltd.)
    • 7."Exhibition by SOFIT" held at Yamamoto Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    • 8."Exhibition with SOFIT" held at Sanshin Metal Industry Co., Ltd.
    • 9.Notice of relocation of IWATA BOLT HONG KONG CO., LTD
    • 10."Iwata Bolt Mie Branch" newly constructed and relocated for operational efficiency improvements
  • Jun 2015 Issue

    Jun 2015 Issue

    [Sigma 128]

    • 1.The 24th Automotive Engineering Exposition 2015
       "Connecting the trust of humans and vehicles: Made by Iwata Bolt"
    • 2.Introduction of original products "Development of ITR and HTS with removal point"
    • 3.Understanding "Tightening Diagram" -Part 2
    • 4."Quality Excellence Award" awareded from Fukiage Plant, Fuji Electric Equipment Control Co., Ltd.
    • 5.“Study session on screw fastening / VA exhibition” held at Aichigawa Plant, Takata Co., Ltd.
    • 6."Original Development Product Exhibition" held at Walbro Inc.
    • 7."Exhibition / Study session" held at PT.TS TECH INDONESIA
    • 8."Study sessions · VA exhibition about the screw fastening" held at Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Nissan Passnger Vehicle, Ltd.
    • 9.“Study / exhibition” held at Canon (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (Japan name: Canon Inc.)
    • 10.2015 new employee welcome ceremony: 14 new graduates and 4 mid-career employees joined the company with  high aspirations and goals
  • Mar 2015 Issue

    Mar 2015 Issue

    [Sigma 127]

    • 1.Request for thorough control of heat-treated products
    • 2.JIS standard revision
    • 3."Study session on screw fastening / VA exhibition" held at Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
    • 4."VA / VE Product Exhibition" held at Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.
    • 5.Iwata Bolt (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. : Introduction of image dimentional inspection equipment
    • 6.2015 New Year's Ceremoney
    • 7.2015 New Year Meeting
    • 8. "Iwata Bolt Headquarters Building" : Pray for safety. Goundbreaking ceremony.
    • 9.Notice: "Common Sense of Screws 6th Edition"